Best of Holiday 2018


Pennington Holiday Photoshoot

Where do I begin with this family? To make a long story short, I’ve been friends with Jacki since the 5th grade. Jacki was my very first room mate. We had great times together and she would always tell me about her high school sweetheart. One night out, we actually ran into Austin (pictured above) and from there Jacki and Austin reconnected. From day one, I knew these two were meant for each other. Both are very selfless beautiful humans. Later in 2017, Jacki and Austin were married. I knew a baby girl was soon to come, and I would picture how beautiful she would be. I would tell Jacki, I hope she gets your beautiful big eyes. Well later on Jacki announces she is expecting a baby girl (Zoe). I knew Zoe would be beautiful, but the first time I laid eyes on this girl, she stole my heart and yup there were her beautiful big blue eyes! The biggest blue eyes I’ve ever seen.